VeloPlus is a bicycle journey support service for beginner cyclists to increase their road safety, by capturing data of journeys and using it to influence improvements to road infrastructure.

Over 16,000 cyclist casualties were reported in 2019 alone, VeloPlus aims to reduce this figure by addressing the barriers to cycling, and providing a positive and rewarding experience to the user.

The service consists of a device and mobile application. The device detects collisions and captures data (video, impact, time, vehicle proximity, speed, GPS). Data is stored on a server, anonymous and aggregated, to create data sets that organisations can use to understand and implement improved road infrastructure – increasing road safety.

Through the app, all detected collisions can be viewed as events. A report of each event can be downloaded, to help with disputes or police matters. Insights into the local area can be viewed on an interactive map, informing beginner cyclists of hot spots in the area, they can then avoid them if they are not confident or feeling intimidated. A check-in function countdown after a detected collision, checking the consciousness of the cyclist.

Undergrad Gregory Mcaffrey

Greg McCaffrey

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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