Tangle is a personal indoor hydroponic seaweed farm that offers users a source of seaweed on their windowsill.

While witnessing the current boom in houseplant sales and interest in plant-based diets, this product is designed for people living in cities with minimal access to outdoor garden space. Seaweed is gaining traction in western cultures, having been used extensively in Asia for centuries. It grows faster, produces more oxygen and is more nutritionally valuable than terrestrial plants.

Upon purchase, the colour and size of the pod are customisable. The user can choose the species of seaweed for their benefits. The app gives customers complete control over the product’s functionality, such as LED lighting, aerator power and temperature.

Seaweed is sold as spores that the user attaches to the cap on top of the product; the seaweed then grows down into the tank with occasional fertiliser injections and can be cut back and harvested at any time to be added into dishes or cosmetics. The seaweed will continue to grow back, or new species can be delivered.

Undergrad Fred Anthony

Fred Anthony

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