Embedding Accessible local intelligence in domestic gas and heating control systems to allow the visually impaired a greater sense of independence.

Boilers are installed in over 26 million UK buildings. The boiler has an important job of supplying heating and hot water around the house. Yet most people struggle to know how to control their boiler and understand if it is running effectively. Boilers are complex products to diagnose and when an issue arises it can be hard to communicate with the device. The lack of communication with the central heating systems disproportionality affects the visually impaired.

This project addresses the urgent need to give the growing visually impaired population, comfortable heating in their home. The product consists of two units. The first unit is installed to the boiler to three measurements from the boiler to diagnose the boilers current running state. This is then communicated to the second unit that offers the user tactile information about the boiler. This is passed to the boiler engineer and will reduce the overall lead time for repair and aid in the planning for the financial cost of repairs.

Undergrad Joanna Power

Joanna Power

Product Design Engineering BSc

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