VIBE is a wristband and software platform, that compiles insightful data about what gets festival and nightclub attendees moving. VIBE maps the wearer’s energy against the location, event, song, and artist playing to provide unique new services (only requiring motion and heart rate sensing). The platform is accessed via an online login to find the party hotspots, as well as for recommending new music and up and coming events. For its launch, VIBE has been designed to become a contemporary event ticketing solution for cashless payment. VIBE aims to take the festival and clubbing experience online, enabling users to share even more of their nights out.
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Ben King

Industrial Design and Technology BA

I value the human centred design process and am excited by new technology. A placement year in China enabled me to experience working closely with factories at a Shanghai design consultancy and my graduation project in collaboration with Sony’s Design Centre Europe has given me an appreciation for system design.

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