A pay-as-you-go lighting service for consumers living in rural Malawi that lowers entry costs.

Sol Service is a pay-as-you-go service that increases accessibility by lowering entry costs to allow a larger number of consumers to have access to clean lighting. The product itself utilises a lens on a screw mechanism that, when rotated, will move the lens back and forth. This adjusts the focal point of the light to change it from a wide-angle light used to light up entire homes to a narrow brighter beam used for tasks such as studying.

Sol Service has been designed with longevity of the product in mind by offering repairs and maintenance at various energy hubs where the product can be recharged for a small fee. Additionally, Sol comes with the capabilities to charge small devices such as mobile phones and features a glow in the dark power button so that it can be found in the dark. This allows the user to adjust the brightness of the product to their needs.

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Henry Copeland

Product Design Engineering BSc

Henry featured on the Made in Brunel 2022 'Blueprints' team as one of the Website Managers

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