SHŪCHŪ interprets the user’s digital calendars, scheduling deep work and break sessions throughout their day, nudging them to be more productive.

Research has shown that we are only productive for a total of 2 hours 53 minutes in an 8-hour workday, with the remaining time lost through procrastination and distractions. With the recent increase in the uptake of hybrid working models, remaining productive in different working environments, whether it be the home or the office, can be a struggle for us all.

SHŪCHŪ wirelessly connects to a computer, displaying events from the user’s digital calendar and recognising gaps in their schedule. The device fills these gaps with deep work and break sessions, based on the productivity-improving Pomodoro method. The display automatically changes to a visual countdown screen that nudges the user to engage themselves in deep work, ultimately facilitating improved productivity. The product integrates perfectly into a work-from-home or office desk space but can also be taken and used on the go, for non-stop productivity.

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Stanley Binns

Industrial Design & Technology BA

Stanley featured on the Made in Brunel 2022 'Blueprints' team as one of the Social Media Managers

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