A professional development app for young people to improve confidence and employability through skills learning, goal tracking, and a simplification of the work experience process.

Over 1 million young people in the UK aged 16 to 24 need to be supported into education, employment or training. There is a need for youth to be engaged and motivated through high-quality and personalised professional development learning, which can be accessed regardless of an individual’s background or budget.

Saturday brings together the value of the traditional Saturday job with the convenience of digitalised learning, creating a flexible and inclusive experience to early professional development. A peer-based learning feed promotes a strong sense of community but benefits from the addition of employer and educator contributions in the form of verified resources, articles, and industry insight. Young people can become confident and self-aware of their abilities in both interpersonal and technical skills through integrated active learning strategies. Their progress can be tracked through their dashboard, where they can also share their successes and earn rewards for completing their goals.

Undergrad Jess Cooper

Jessica Cooper

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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