Riley the Reading Monster is an interactive toy for 3-6 year-old’s, using phonics to help children to learn to read independently in the home.

Reading is a fundamental skill needed by everyone, yet many children do not get the support required to develop this skill within the home. This can be for many reasons such as learning difficulties with the child or the parent, a lack of interest, or a lack of time dedicated to reading. With the increase of dual working households, this is leaving less time for family activities.

Riley the Reading Monster is a toy aimed to be used independently by a child so that they can learn phonics while a parent is unavailable to read with them. By pushing the letter tiles through Riley’s mouth, NFC is used to display the chosen letters on the screen with the phonetic sounds projected through the built in speaker. When the chosen word is displayed, the green button activates the toy to phonetically say the word and then repeats it in standard English.

L6 A6600 68

Chloe McCourt

Product Design BSc

Chloe featured on the Made in Brunel 2022 'Blueprints' team as one of the Directors

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