In the current market, there are minimal options for recycling domestic 3D printed waste. Most plastic materials used in FDM 3D printing are categorized as “Type7” or “Other”, which are not typically processed by general recycling programs to be recycled, and therefore most 3D printed wastes always end up in a landfill.

ReBorn is a compact bench injection moulding machine designed to be used by the general hobbies and repurpose their own FEM 3D printed plastic waste. Aiming to reduce plastic waste that goes into the landfill by providing an alternative solution for those who enjoy making something by themselves and having complete direct control of the outcome.

Design features include a quick release mould locking mechanism and an LCD that provides a user interface and step-by-step visual guideline on using the product correctly.

Undergrad Lin Pak Shing

Lin Pak Shing

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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