Coastal walkers are at the most significant risk of accidental drowning, often after being cut off by the tide and swept out to sea. TidePal aims to provide users with the location-specific information to help them make wiser choices, stop users from putting themselves at risk and reduce pressure on emergency services.

With the app, a user can download tidal information specific to their location or planned route. This information is transmitted to the device by Bluetooth and uses the phone as a slave GPS to create location-specific details.

The flexible light bar ‘fills’ according to local tidal activity with light colour differentiating direction and state. Extra bulbs at the tip of the bar communicate additional information - yellow means the user is in a cut-off location at high tide.

If a user needs emergency assistance, the app provides all the key information regarding the user’s location to be passed onto call handlers. The device can be put into emergency mode to gain attention, turning the light bar into a high lumen beacon.

Undergrad Edd Lawrence

Edd Lawrence

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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