Play Hive aims to solve the problem of the continuously shrinking primary school playgrounds by providing a set of parts that can be assembled to fit any space.

Playing outdoors has always played a massive part in children’s development as it improves the child’s well-being, health and learning abilities. However, there are fewer opportunities for children to play, one of the causes being the shrinkage of school playgrounds. 9 in 10 primary schools are losing play space due to their expansion to accommodate more children.

Play Hive uses this opportunity to help schools use the space they have more efficiently. There is a need for primary schools to find playing equipment that can fit in the reduced play area without impeding other activities such as PE classes. The solution offered is a kit that can be assembled to satisfy the different playing needs of primary school children, such as climbing, role-playing, and sensory interaction. It is designed to be safe, easy to assemble, sustainable and colourful to create a fun play space for children.

Undergrad Diana Cirlig

Diana Cirlig

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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