Pinteq portable card terminal enables restaurant guests to make card payments safely, and the automated disinfection dock provides an efficient and fast cleaning method for the staff.

Research has uncovered that card machines can contribute to pathogen transmission and the spread of infectious diseases. The root cause of this issue is inefficient cleaning and the extensive need to touch the device to make payments.

Pinteq improves user experience by having an ergonomic form and reducing the need for contact. A tapered shape and the optimal height of the device allows the user to operate the device with one hand. Also, the machine will be handled by the waiter only, as the guests interact with the projected laser display on the table. This feature eliminates the risk for pathogen transmission between staff and customers. The integrated UVC LED cleaning dock ensures that the device is disinfected after every transaction, and waiters can be confident that it is always clean and safe to use.

Undergrad Gabriele Grigaite

Gabriele Grigaite

Product Design Engineering BSc

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