Using organic materials and biophilic design to develop a more sustainable, efficient and compact air purifier.

Residents of major cities are faced with the burden of air pollution which is detrimental to their physical and mental health. Currently, domestic air purifiers provide a solution, at the expense of the environment where 6000 tonnes of used air filters are sent to landfill every year. These products commonly neglect small urban living spaces, where air pollution is most prominent.

OLUS is the first air purifier to use fully biodegradable, plant-based filters which remove 99% of particulate air pollution. These organic filters are sustainably sourced and generate zero waste, minimising the environmental impact. OLUS not only improves physical health but also boosts productivity and helps alleviate stress by delivering clean air within a biophilic design. Working alongside a house plant, OLUS also absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen to further create a healthy home.

Through physical and virtual testing, a specialised fan-filter configuration was developed to produce a compact and efficient product for those with limited space.

A collaborative project with Christian P Kerrigan Architecture.

Undergrad Louie Duncan

Louie Duncan

Product Design BSc

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