An in-home sharps bin accompanied with a travel device to assist the management of equipment for type 1 diabetics at home and during short-term travel.

Traditional sharps containers, marketed for use within healthcare institutions, have not been widely considered for in-home settings or frequent travel. Managing Type 1 diabetes - a chronic condition - can take a significant toll on the quality of life, and get the equipment they need that uniquely suits their daily life can often seem like a guilty struggle.

NeedleDock in-home sharps container improves the day-to-day quality and efficiency of equipment management for diabetic needs. With a unique aperture design that accommodates popular diabetic equipment, it also features an additional discrete opening that, for more oversized items, reduces the stigma around type 1 diabetes within the home. NeedleDock's expandable feature creates a convenient storage solution that can adapt to the user's specific needs. The travel device is a small handheld device that is able to temporarily store used insulin pen needles for later disposal, simultaneously storing unused needles within a flexible compartment.

A collaborative project with NeedleDock.

Undergrad Jayda Bailey

Jayda Bailey

Product Design Engineering BSc

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