MONO is an integrated, entry-level system that aims to improve the accessibility and portability of guitar effects and amplification systems for beginner and hobbyist players.

Beginners and first-time players account for approximately 45% of annual guitar sales. However, 90% abandon the instrument within the first year of playing, if not the first 90 days.

Effects units and amplifiers are complex electronic devices and can be daunting to beginners and hobbyists who comprise the majority of modern players. The inseparable link between playing an instrument, live performance and studio recording have meant that many systems are still geared primarily towards professional players.

MONO is an easy-to-use, compact alternative to traditional guitar systems. The wireless audio transmitter is connected to the guitar and sends the signal to the MONO app. The app is used to configure effects, pair to a speaker or headphones, and connect with other like-minded players. The foot-operated controller provides familiar interaction to existing guitar effects pedals and is used to navigate the app and adjust sound parameters without interrupting the user’s playing.

Undergrad Kalani Smith

Kalani Smith

Product Design Engineering BSc

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