The MigraCool Cap is a digital ‘ice cap’ designed to help treat the pain experienced during a migraine attack using cold therapy.

Migraine is a debilitating neurological condition that affects 1 in 7 people and is classed as the 3rd most common and the 7th most disabling disease in the world. It costs the UK economy £3.42 billion a year due to lack of productivity and healthcare costs. Despite these harrowing statistics, few commercial products effectively provide a quick and easy non-drug alternative to pain relief.

The MigraCool Cap aims to help migraine sufferers treat themselves without the over-reliance on drugs. Instead, they will be able to have complete control over the delivery of their treatment – the areas of the head they want to target and the temperature settings are all within the accompanying smartphone app. Unlike conventional cold therapy, which necessitates cooling gel packs in the freezer, which takes time, this product reaches target temperatures within a minute of initiation. This non-invasive, natural treatment also has the potential to be developed for other medical applications.

Undergrad Kara Wong

Kara Wong

Product Design Engineering BSc

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