MEDSPACE offers a new solution for medicine management in medical kits for exploration class missions in space.

In the next two decades, astronaut missions will expand to deeper space, taking astronauts to the Moon then Mars. These exploration class missions are a key driver for science discovery, technological innovations, and downstream benefits for the economy. Astronaut health management during space exploration is crucial as both the well-being of astronauts and the mission target are at stake. To manage any illnesses while onboard a spacecraft, astronauts have access to a medical kit. The current medical kit used aboard spacecraft today has been built with short duration missions or missions in Low Earth Orbit in mind, making them inefficient for future space exploration class missions.

MEDSPACE targets can be summarised in three main areas which would be needed for long term space missions. These include an improved user experience for medication accessibility in a microgravity environment, environmental and radiation protection for the medication, and providing an organised and space-efficient medical kit system solution.

Undergrad Juliette Clark

Juliette Clark

Product Design Engineering BSc

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