A reuse and refill beauty & personal care product-service system designed to reduce the dependency on single-use bathroom packaging, to lower the environmental impact created by the BPC industry.

Every industry plays a critical part in reducing single-use packaging. The BPC industry alone makes up 40% of total landfill waste in the UK. In order to encourage consumers to refill and reuse products, they must be as convenient and financially viable as single-use. This is why Mabel has taken a user-centred design approach ensuring both users and the environment benefit from the system.

Mabel’s product portfolio consists of three starter kits (body/hand wash, body/hand lotion, and shampoo/conditioner). Each starter kit includes a 3-litre container, 3-litre pouch, 400ml bottle and stand. The products will be accompanied by an assistive application, allowing users to customise their subscription frequency and track their environmental impact. The starter kit’s state-of-the-art decanting and stacking system will provide an efficient and space-saving solution. Mabel will also create a partnership with local, UK suppliers to further reduce their environmental impact.

Undergrad Lauren Ord

Lauren Ord

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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