A smart medication management system to assist users in adhering to increasingly complex medical regimes. A product and application help to automate the process and make users lives more manageable.

In the UK, 48% of the population have an ongoing prescription, with 24% having more than three. Treatments for chronic conditions have become more complicated, leading to adherence rates dropping with 30%-50% of prescribed medications not taken correctly. The European Health Summit report estimating non-adherence to medicine accounts for a cost of $285 billion globally and leads to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths each year.

Doset tackles non-adherence by providing support to the user through each stage of their medical journey. A product devoted to modular and adaptive design, organising and storing different medications is fundamental, featuring a pill-splitting mechanism to aid administration. The application tracks the user’s conditions and recommends medical schedule changes with the help of AI. Users can effortlessly log a dose taken with NFC integration, plan their medication schedule for trips away, and access learning materials are focusing on their condition and tips to increase adherence.

Undergrad Joe Ground

Joe Ground

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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