Recyclers at electronic waste sites currently burn cable insulation to collect and sell the valuable metal conductors. For these workers, there are currently no economically viable alternatives. Burning cable insulation releases fire retardants, heavy metals, and a plethora of other hazardous chemicals into the surrounding communities, leading to significant cases of respiratory and neurological disease as well as irreparable environmental destruction.

CleanCut allows workers to safely process the cables at a comparable rate to burning and return upwards of 20% more profit for clean copper. The granulator accommodates various methods of power transmission such as motors and bicycles by utilising common and globally distributed couplings collected from waste products.

CleanCut is easily manufactured using scrap material and standard components, using services and skills available at existing workshops typically found in e-waste-centred communities. Easy-to-follow plans and drawings for manufacturing CleanCut will be freely available online and distributed on paper to e-waste communities.

Undergrad Kaelum van der Berg

Kaelum van der Berg

Product Design Engineering BSc

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