CAPSA brings together a physical and digital experience to improve asthmatic’s inhaler techniques, safely increasing the amount of medication reaching their lungs.

12% of the UK suffer from asthma, with researchers finding that there is a 74% chance of making three mistakes when using an inhaler, resulting in, at most, 40% of medication reaching their lungs. CAPSA is a two-part solution to encourage better inhaler techniques, increase the amount of medication reaching their lungs and reducing reliance on the NHS. The product is an inhaler add- on, which supports the user with an ergonomic grip, which can be held in multiple ways, and encourages the correct orientation.

The app supports the user by providing them with AI based feedback, with the user recording themselves using their inhaler and the AI providing them with informative feedback. It also features an informative video guide and the ability to record each time they use their inhaler, allowing the user and their GP to make an informed decision about improving their asthma management.

L6 A6988

Oliver James Dawson

Industrial Design & Technology BA

Oliver featured on the Made in Brunel 2022 'Blueprints' team as one of the Website Managers

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