Alinea means "The beginning of thinking in a new way", and therefore, it is time to stop shrouding Menopause with secrecy and begin to look at it differently and to empower women to stop feeling ashamed of the experience.

Alinea aims to create a discrete, intuitive service that blends into the daily routine of Perimenopausal, Menopausal and Post-Menopausal women to help them navigate their Menopausal symptoms. The continuous recording of qualitative and quantitative data will allow machine learning to predict upcoming symptoms these women experience. The prediction of symptoms will empower women to regain control over their mind and body by allowing them to prepare for symptoms they might experience. Alinea is the first solution to focus on tracking and predicting Menopause symptoms from analysing female sex hormones.

Alinea also offers education on the psychological and physiological changes that occur when your hormone levels fluctuate, and lifestyle changes may improve their mental well-being and symptoms. Furthermore, Alinea also provides women with a safe space to communicate with other women about their experiences, allowing them to know they are not alone.

Undergrad Karishma Bhugoowan

Karishma Bhugoowan

Industrial Design & Technology BA

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