This guide offers a series of websites and downloadable plugins to use whilst creating your digital designs.

Planning & Wireframing

While planning can be done well on pen and paper, there are some great web apps which can help you to quickly draft out a design with ease. There are also many great sources for inspiration around which can help if you're feeling stuck.


Mobbin is a service created by Jiho Lim to document as many different pages of popular apps that reflect the best current design trends. You can use it to filter by page type, brand and style to find inspiration for any specific interface design needs.

Ever have an idea come into your head and want to get it onto your computer immediately? is a web-based program which has extremely limited tools to help you create low fidelity mockups at the correct size if you ever want to skip the sketching stage without spending hours on a perfect prototype.


Forky is a quick, free and no fuss mind mapping tool which can be used for planning your designs.


Want to stick to physical sketching? No worries! Printables offers templates for screen sizes which can be printed and used as a guide when creating wireframes.

Software & Plugins

The most popular industry standard UX design tools available to students are Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma. Below, there are some plugins which can be really useful for designers to use.

Sketch (Mac Only)

Rename it - Simple but powerful, this plugin allows you to rename layers in bulk and cut down on time spent organising your documents.

Zeplin - If you need to export designs or if you are planning to develop any elements of your design further, Zeplin is a great hand-off tool which also contains some social communication features.

Artboard Manager - This plugin is another organisation feature, which focuses on having clean and organised artboards.

Logodrop - Logodrop allows you to quickly find and insert high quality brand logos into your designs!


Unsplash - This plugin allows you to seamlessly add images into your designs and workflow on Figma. Unspalsh has over 1 million images that can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

Iconify - Immediate access to over 50,000 icons and over 60 icon sets

Autoflow - Autoflow allows you to easily draw flows between elements.

Lorem Ipsum - Quickly fill prototypes and mockups with placeholder text.

Adobe XD

Whiteboard - This visual collaboration tool allows you to conduct numerous design activities such as Card sorting, Affinity Diagrams, Journey maps as well as user personas and use cases.

UI Faces - Fill shapes with avatars from various sources such as Unsplash and Pexels. You can filter your search by age, gender and emotion for the perfect images.

Quick Mockup - The plugin speeds up the design process by providing a library of UI elements and pre-designed templates for web and mobile designs.

Stark - An essential tool for accessible and inclusive design. The plugin features tools to check for colour contrast, colourblind tests and smart colour suggestions.

Design Assets

There are many different resources to help speed up the design process and give your designs a more professional look and feel.

Apple SF Symbols

Apple offers their bank of symbols to Mac users with the downloadable program SF Symbols. These symbols have the beautiful consistency which Apple is known for and it is great for copying symbols into your project with ease.

Other Apple Developer Tools

This page guides you to many other resources offered by Apple, including their Human Interface Guidelines and downloadable Design Resources which contain iOS elements. This is available for Sketch users and Adobe users.


Haikei is a design generation tool which can generate fluid forms which you can input into designs. Need a blob or a stack of waves? Find it here. They even have a blurred gradient generator.


While also being another wireframe and prototyping software in its own right, Invision also boasts a library of free templates, mockups and icon packs to be used in your designs.

Tired of designing?

Take a break! Play Foont and put your typography knowledge to the test.