Blueprints were first used in 1842 as a reproduction of technical drawings, generated by contact printing on light sensitive sheets. They can be produced indefinitely to communicate an idea through the means of universally understood symbols and structures.

Good communication is crucial to materialising ideas, beginning as a passing thought or small sketch. Through the use of old fashioned pen and paper to advanced digital applications, it remains an important part of our design process. We show pride in presenting our ideas and accomplishments, using the end of year book as a platform to share our work.

Students of the Brunel Design School are universally recognised by industry professionals as technically competent, creative, and practical thinkers. We have evolved with the times, like blueprints have adapted to technological advances. Blueprints represent the hard work behind our polished designs and individual journeys of discovery and growth.

Made in Brunel holds the Blueprints to our futures.

Togetherness Purposeful Curious Detail Oriented Forward Thinking