04th Feb 2020

Contextual Design - Work in Progress show

Join us at our annual Contextual Design - Work in Progress Show on Tuesday 4th February at 4:00pm in the Michael Sterling Atrium.

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When Designers Take Sides: Are We Creating Infographics or Propaganda?

22nd Apr 2016 Opinion Aoife McCarthy

We have never lived in an age where information has been more accessible. The Internet, in particular, has imbued us with a sense of total omniscience – the answers to all of our questions are always just a few clicks away. But is all as it seems?

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Does the Education System Make Us Grow Out of Creativity?

22nd Apr 2016 Opinion Jon Cooper

“At a time when it is so important for us to lead as an ‘Ideas’ nation and with the Creative Industries sector seeing unparalleled growth, it is vital that we safeguard our current position and continue to invest in our future.” —John Mathers, CEO, Design Council.

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How are digital technologies transforming in-store retail within the fashion and cosmetics industries?

07th Apr 2016 Opinion Stuart Scott

Our lives have been inundated with digital technologies in various forms, providing us with vast amounts of content instantly available at our fingertips. More recently within fashion and cosmetics retail, innovations using digital technology have started to pave the way for new methods of interacting with potential purchases, the way we explore a store and how we experience a particular brand.

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How has the Internet Developed our Language? And is it Aiding or Hindering our Communication?

07th Apr 2016 Opinion Niamh Courtaux

Our language is forever adapting to the advances in our society, particularly through the use of the internet. New slang is being created and our vocabulary is forever expanding to match with the fast paced developments.

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The Lights Are Watching You. How Can Lighting Be Used in The New Digital Age of the Internet of Things?

05th Apr 2016 Opinion Christian Haimes

There are cameras everywhere, data is beamed down to everyone through light, big brother can monitor your movements and the kitchen appliances are talking to light fixtures. No, this is not a modern Sci-Fi film, this is the reality of 2016. The emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has quickly transformed the way we live our day to day lives.

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