We have been reading, listening and educating ourselves on the discrimination that black people face on a daily basis. No matter what race or colour, we all need to stand together and unite to fight racism. We pledge to continue to learn, grow and do better.

Help us represent everyone by contributing your thoughts/ experiences/ artwork, especially in relation to the design industry. If you'd like to contribute, please DM us on Instagram @madeinbrunel.

We've included links to resources and further information in the references section below. We'll be adding the content that is sent to us as and when we receive it.

"We see you. We hear you. We support you. We will stand with you." #blacklivesmatter
"There needs to be more representation and the Brunel design department needs to acknowledge that there is more to design history than what we had been taught in first year. There needs to be a shift in teaching which will encourage not only more POC taking the courses but encourage more POC to look into design as a subject and apply. It has been hard for me as a black person to feel worthy and good enough as a designer when all I’ve been shown is that the most recognised and famous and influential designers are all white, and it’s simply not the case." - Jayda Withay