Take a look back at our first event of 2022, The Great Brunel Design Off!

We want to thank our judges for giving up their evenings to come and judge everyone's work! Our judges were:

Alex D'Souza from DCA Design

Sophie Denham from SharkNinja

Steve McGonigal, Brunel Design Lecturer

And Dr Eujin Pei, Brunel Design Lecturer

Our first round had participants recreate the iconic Memphis Carlton bookcase in their groups. They could only use the scrap materials supplied to them from the workshops.

R1 2 R4 A7492 R1 2 R4 A7496 R1 R1 2 R4 A7511

Our second round had the participants design a product in a company's style from the random spin wheels. They had to design a Thermos Cup in the style of Dyson.

R2 2 R4 A7518 R2 2 R4 A7532 R2 2 R4 A7549 R2 2 R4 A7593

Our third round had the participants redesign the Starbucks Logo in a modern style.

R3 2 R4 A7617

The fourth and final round had the remaining participants render the lava lamp that was in front of them.

R4 2 R4 A7661

Our Judges taking the vote for the top 3, and the work on display for everyone else to cast their votes too.

R4 2 R4 A7723 Voting 2 R4 A7718

And our top 3!
1st: Chris Biggadike (Centre)
2nd: Oscar Norman (Right)
3rd: Henry Leeson (Left)

Winners 2 R4 A7746