Holi Festival 2022
Holi Festival 2022

Holi is a two-day festival, which marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. It celebrates love, happiness, and cultural diversity in India. You have probably come across its main rituals if you’ve seen splashes of coloured powder and water being thrown or applied on family and friends.

It’s where people from all parallels come together and promote their inhibitions and differences. The most common colours used in Holi are derived from the rainbow, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and saffron.

Red symbolises love and passion

Orange or saffron symbolises courage and sacrifice

Yellow symbolises happiness and peace

Green symbolises nature, spring and new beginnings

Blue symbolises calmness

Purple symbolises wealth and wisdom

Pink symbolises youth and good health

(Asia Highlights, 2023)

The Cutting Edge colour palette is inspired by our values, a lot of which align with that of ‘Holi’: The Festival of Colours, such as joy and unity. This year, Made in Brunel extends their community through collaboration with the digital media department, which will be showcased across upcoming events.

Aligning with our values and design ethos, Cutting Edge have a primary and secondary gradient comprised of our 5 brand colours. The primary gradient can be used on its own, and can found in the Cutting Edge logo.

The secondary gradient should be used to accent the primary where needed, not being used on its own. However, all 5 colours can be used together in a single gradient.

We hope to extend our brand beyond Brunel University London through engaging student events, industry collaborations and more this year!