We have the opportunity to showcase your major project in AR!

We will be including QR codes for visitors to the show to scan, and open your 3D models in AR. To view an example, scan the QR code below with your phone, select a model and click on the cube in the bottom right.

QR Code

We need you to follow these instructions to export your AR file from Keyshot.

Image 1

Open up your scene from your major project render scene in Keyshot 10.

It is important you delete EVERYTHING in your scene except for your product including lights and the backdrop (do not hide objects, delete them!) and make sure materials have been applied to your model.

If your project is modular please only export one configuration as otherwise it will not work effectively in AR.

If your project contains multiple products please only export the primary product.

Image 2

Once everything else is deleted your project should look like this. Do not worry if the lighting does not look correct, or the lighting is too dark.

Image 3

Now navigate to the position tab, and make sure the location of your product is centered, making each axis 0,0,0.

Image 4

Go to File → Export → Export to AR

Image 5

Save as Firstname_Lastname

Image 6

In the pop-up, set the Texture resolution to 200DPI, make sure ambient occlusion is ticked, and select Prefer Geometry Nodes, the number of samples should be 10.

The file should take a couple minutes to export.

Then upload the .glb file to the Dropbox link. This link will be sent out via email shortly!

You do not need to upload the .usdz file.

If you don't have Keyshot 10, and are using Keyshot 9, follow the instructions, but save as package (.ksp) instead of export and upload the file to the same dropbox link.