Made in Brunel; Facilitating the Success of Brunel's Designers

Made in Brunel is a unique initiative that showcases Brunel’s design talent at its finest. We are a student-led programme that facilitates the connection between Brunel design and the greater creative community to help promote the incredible work our students produce. These strong links between the design department and industry add incredible value to studying design at Brunel University London.

Established in 2006, the Made in Brunel programme has been running for the last twelve consecutive years and each year learns from the last to bring something new and exciting to the brand. At the end of this year we will create a publication the Made in Brunel book, which is a record of the work produced by this year’s Made in Brunel Designers. Making our mark we will be holding several events leading up to our final design showcase.

“A lot of people are questioning the future, and I can’t help but think that’s a positive thing… this is a moment in our history where we need different solutions.” — Marc Newson

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Futures; Sustainable. Responsible. Radical

The new brand Made in Brunel has commissioned is a reflection of the year-groups values. From our co-design workshops with the design students we discovered their most prevalent key values were sustainability, responsibility, social activism, and radical change.

‘Futures’ encapsulates all of those values.

In one respect, we can understand ‘Futures’ as the multiple futures we can create. It is our designers who can dictate what lies ahead.

However, ‘Futures’ also has a profound link to our environment. We are in a generation teetering on the edge of environmental tipping points. Brunel’s designers are in the position to influence which path of causality humanity will go down. We are not prepared to accept business-as-usual. We have a drive to fix the problems of the past that have been created by bad design.

And finally, it is ‘Futures’ because we design with foresight. Here at Brunel University we are taught to look ahead. We must predict problems and offer alternative solutions even before the cracks have begun to show. What is next is what we do.

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